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A corporate Shoe girl turns to Cheese and her dream for phase 2 of life….

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The Beginning

So, to start, 2020 was quite the year for all of us but as I enter a new and terrifying chapter in life, I have to believe that this is the beginning of my ‘real life’, the one I’ve been waiting and preparing for. I said goodbye to the only industry I’ve ever known, and I believe all those people I met along the way and the moments we shared have made me a stronger and better human. There are only opportunities in our future! I said last August it was time, but it wasn’t till December that I pulled the trigger. I spent many days hiking and contemplating but after a few eye-opening experiences I decided that living my dream was the only option.

Thanks to

None of this would be possible without amazing friends and family. I have been truly blessed to have made some of the best friends of my life in this amazing state along with all the ones along my path here! Friends who become family are truly an amazing thing and you all know who you are! I will be enlisting ‘em on the truck from time to time so everyone can meet my fabulous crew. I have to give a special all out to two of my favorite people, the most important females in my life, aka my mom and daughter.

Mountain Melt's

Mountain Melt’s front of the house will be the ultra-talkative Margo aka GM or mom. Margo will talk to you for hours if you let her!! Mom isn’t the chef of the fam so that’s not going to be in her wheelhouse, but she loves all of you already, and can’t wait to meet new people and make them smile. Now then there is Cierah, my 22-year-old, yet still my little baby girl. She may grace us with her presence on the trailer sometimes, but I won’t count on it being a usual deal. However, what makes us work together is a unique chemistry we all three have. These three generations truly do enjoy the unique connection we have. We have been on vacations overseas, and survived a 2 week cruise (and if you have ever cruised you know how small those rooms are) yet no one went overboard! My mom, daughter and I love travel. We love finding those fun local restaurants where the food and the hospitality puts a smile on your face like none other. We want nothing less every time we serve a grilled cheese to you!!

See you out there!!!!



It may always seem like an uphill road but its so worth the climb #keepclimbing